WikiPathways Summit 2018

Celebrating 10 years of open science, the WikiPathways team, a collaboration between the Bioinformatics department at Maastricht University and Alex Pico’s group at Gladstone, is hosting a 3-day summit on pathway tools, resources and research, featuring seminars and hands-on workshops. The summit is free to attend and will be held at Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco from October 8-10, 2018.

Each day of the event is themed to serve various communities of users and contributors working with biological pathways. Anyone interested in pathways is welcome to participate. No prior experience with WikiPathways is required.

Day 1: Researcher Community

  • The first day will include presentations on active research incorporating pathway analysis in fields of development, immunology, cancer, toxicology, and metabolomics.
  • The morning program will also include perspectives on pathways as research tools.         
  • The afternoon will include hands-on workshops on how to use pathways in your research, which will cover pathway analysis and data visualization using freely available software, as well as scripting approaches in R. Separate registration will be required at a later date for each workshop.

Day 2: Biocurator Community   

  • The second day will focus on the task of biocuration and include presentations on best practices and current challenges from a variety of pathway resources.
  • The afternoon program will include hands-on workshops on how to draw and annotate pathway models in WikiPathways, including modeling challenges and opportunities to work with developers on tool improvements that would most impact your work. Separate registration will be required at a later date for each workshop.

Day 3: Developer Community

  • The last day will drill down into the code and maintenance of public scientific databases, seeking sustainable and collaborative development strategies.
  • This program is intended for open source software developers interested in building tools and resources to enhance pathway representations and usage in biomedical research.     

Register early and contribute your ideas to the planning by following this link!

This summit is organized as a collaboration between Alex Pico’s group at Gladstone and Chris Evelo’s team at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.