The EU-ToxRisk project warmly invites all interested stakeholders to its 3rd Open EU-ToxRisk Symposium, taking place on 11-12 February 2020, in Egmond aan Zee (The Netherlands).

The event programme will be structured around two main topics:

  1. NAM-enhanced Read-Across regulatory applications:
    Read-across advisory guidance document (reporting template; interaction with regulatory agencies)
    - Web-based tools

  2. NAM-based testing platform:
    - Decentralised testing
    - Joint-case study development
    - Integrated testing strategies
    - Commercialisation platform

REGISTER NOW - Click HERE to access the dedicated registration website and to finalise your registration. The website also contains the detailed event programme, as well as all necessary logistical details concerning accommodation on site and organised shuttle transfer from the airport/train station to the venue and back.

We look forward to welcoming you to this event which promises to be of strong added value for all attendees, with lively discussions and interactive knowledge exchange.